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Breaking Down HR 1 – Democrat Goals for 2021

Part 1: Voter Registration “Modernization” 

  • Require each state to provide an online voter registration application that may be completed, submitted, and received by election officials electronically
    • Takeaway: HR1 forces all states to yield to the federal government.
    • States no longer control elections – “election officials” control elections.
  • Permit voters without DMV records to register online using electronic copies of handwritten signatures, secure online signatures, or by providing a signature upon actually requesting a ballot.
    • Takeaway: Millions of non-U.S. Citizens will be voting in U.S. elections
  • Require each state (including U.S. territories) to implement a process whereby eligible voters who provide information to certain state agencies (such as the DMV, social service providers, and public universities) will be automatically registered to vote unless the voter declines registration at the point of service (a so-called “front-end” opt out)
    • Takeaway: All states are forced to register forging exchange students and illegal aliens living on welfare to vote with or without their awareness.
  • Require state agencies to inform prospective voters that they will be automatically registered unless they decline
    • Takeaway: Force all states to spend millions of dollars in an effort to notify non-U.S. citizens that they are eligible to vote in U.S. elections.
  • Require agencies to transfer voter registration information to election officials electronically, eliminating paper registration forms.
    • Takeaway: Millions of Republican registration forms could be deleted with no paper trail to prove eligibility. 
  • Authorize the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to monitor states’ election practices and provide additional funds to assist them with implementing new AVR requirements.
    • Takeaway: The federal government will monitor elections, removing authority away from the state, while the taxpayer funds this new federal authority. 
  • Places limits on states’ use of data compiled through interstate cross-checks to purge voters from the rolls.
    • Example, if registered voters in California get on buses and vote in Arizona (after voting in California), it would be illegal for Arizona to confirm double voting.
  • HR 1 empowers the EAC to make grants to states to help boost youth involvement in state election activities.
    • Takeaway: Current Democrat Party controlled Tax dollars used to indoctrinate America’s youth.