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Starting the Conversation

“Ask the Pennsylvania Legislature to Issue Legislative Subpoenas for a Full Forensic Audit”
“Contact These Legislators to Support the Issuance of Legislative Subpoenas”
“No More Delay – Senator Dave Argall Must Issue Subpoenas Now!”
“If you are interested in an election audit taking place in Pennsylvania, this is who you need to contact”

Voter confidence is at an all-time low. With hundreds of thousands of votes having been accepted after Election Day 2020 – and reports of discrepancies existing throughout the state – all irregularities must be investigated.

“I support the call for an election audit, in order to answer any lingering questions that still remain about the fairness of the 2020 elections in Pennsylvania. This is the best path forward to address the legitimate concerns of the large majority of my constituents…”

-Senator Dave Argall, Chairman of the State Government Committee

There is no replacement for a full forensic audit. The people of Pennsylvania deserve to know their voices are heard where it matters most, the ballot box. Do not leave any stone unturned – contact these State Senators today to demand a full forensic audit of the 2020 election!

Making Contact with the State Government Committee

Senator Dave Argall
Office Phone Number: (717) 787-2637

Senator Cris Dush
Vice Chair
Office Phone Number: (717) 787-7084

Senator Jake Corman
President pro Tempore
Office Phone Number: (717) 787-1377

Senator Daniel Laughlin
Office Phone Number: (717) 787-8927

Senator Doug Mastriano
Office Phone Number: (717) 787-4651

Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill
Office Phone Number: (717) 787-7085

Senator Patrick Stefano
Office Phone Number: (717) 787-7175